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Over 40, Am I too old for Boxing?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

If you are asking yourself “Am I too old for Boxing” you’ll want to consider a number of things. Boxing is one of the oldest and most respected sports in the world. It requires a high level of cardio conditioning, Spider-man level awareness, and muscle endurance. Very few Boxers are successful after the age of 40. When you look at boxers who won world titles or competed after 40 Bernard Hopkins and George Forman come to mind. So that being said let’s decide Am I too old for Boxing.

World Champion Boxer Bernard Hopkins shadow boxing

Boxing drills as a workout has a lot of benefits with no age limit. You are never too old to reap the benefits of hitting the heavy bag or doing Boxing mitt drills. Boxing footwork can help increase your mobility. At any age Boxing drills will help sharpen your reflexes and endurance. You can grab a pair of gloves and hit a heavy bag to increase your strength. Boxing training at home requires no equipment. Boxing footwork drills and Boxing head movement workouts can be completed anywhere. You can shadow box to work on endurance and coordination as well as doing mitt drills with a trainer or friend. The speed bag will also increase endurance speed and conditioning. Age will not hold you back in any shape or form when it comes to getting better at these things.

Boxing to compete is a bit of a different. You have professional boxing and Amateur boxing. If you are a person who has a burning desire to compete in boxing, Amateur Boxing is a very realistic and viable option. Amateur Boxing is broken down into weight categories just like Professional Boxing. Amateur Boxing is also separated by experience / age group. This means you will not be a boxer over 40 year old stepping into the boxing ring for the first time and have a 22 year old with 50 fights standing across from you. It can happen if you want it to, but that’s completely up to you.

Head gear and 14oz to 16oz gloves are used for competitions. You will still feel the impact of a punch but the headgear will keep you from getting that pretty face bruised up. In addition to registering with USA Boxing and having a basic Physical done by your physician, you will be required to have an MRI done. The MRI is to make sure you are in good health before stepping into the ring. So with that in mind, Boxing over 40 is still realistic.

Over 40 Boxing mitt drills

Getting into professional Boxing over 40 can be difficult. If you want to pick up the sport at this stage of your life to become a World Champion Boxer, its not impossible. It is highly improbable but it is not impossible. You have options if you have lead an athletic life and kept yourself in good shape. Being a professional boxer doesn’t mean you have to compete in the WBA, WBO, WBC or IBF. These are the most recognized Boxing organizations / Boxing governing bodies. That doesn’t mean that they are the only governing bodies in professional boxing.

You have a better chance of getting involved with lesser known but still respected boxing organizations. The IBA (International Boxing Association) WBL (World Boxing League) are willing to give you a shot as a pro boxer if you can prove you are some what experienced. Proof of experience usually comes in the way of a few Amateur fights or a reputable trainer in your corner. Remember, being a pro boxer just means you have been paid for the boxing match. So becoming a professional boxer over 40 is still a possibility depending on how you’ve taken care of your body.

So, what level of boxing do you think you are ready for? I would love to hear from you guys in the comments.

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