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My Experience at OCB Bodybuilding Competition 2023

The 2023 Bodybuilding season is in full swing. I recently had the pleasure of going to the OCB No Gear Classic Pro/Am Competition. It was a 2023 natural bodybuilding competition. This means that none of the competitors are on gear. “Gear” is a bodybuilding term used instead of steroids or performance enhancement drugs. Held in Greensboro, NC, this competition showcased both Professional and Amateur bodybuilders. Some competitors came from as far away as New Jersey. It was an amazing experience. I’ll admit, I’ve always had a preconceived notion about these local bodybuilding competitions and the people in them. This was a real learning experience and eye opener. The Bodybuilding categories for men break down like this.

Mens No Gear Classic Pro Bodybuilding Competition 2023

Men's Classic Physique is a category that emphasizes a balanced and symmetrical physique with a focus on aesthetic qualities. Competitors in this category showcase their muscular development. The emphasis is on a "classic" physique reminiscent of the golden era of bodybuilding.

Men's Physique is a category that places less emphasis on muscle size and more on overall aesthetic appeal. Competitors in this division have a more athletic and beach-ready look. They showcase a toned and defined physique, with less focus on extreme muscle mass and more on proportion, symmetry, and overall presentation.

The categories are also broken down by age, and experience. This means that 1 person can be apart of multiple groups. A first time competitor who is 32 years old can be apart of 30+ novice, 30+ debut, and novice open all in the same show. It offers a lot of chances to place and be recognized for your hard work, but it also can get confusing and drag a show out for hours. Traditionally the male bodybuilders hit the stage first and the women compete after. It takes a while to get to the womens portion of the show but it is well worth the wait. The womens divisions break down like this.

Womens Physique is a division that combines elements of bodybuilding and athleticism. Competitors in this category showcase a muscular and defined physique, but with less extreme muscle mass compared to bodybuilding. Women's Physique competitors aim for a balance between muscle development, symmetry, and femininity.

Womens Figure is a category that focuses on a balanced and athletic physique. Competitors showcase a toned and shapely figure with well-developed muscle tone. The emphasis is on muscle definition, overall symmetry, and a feminine presentation. Compared to Women's Physique, the muscle mass is typically slightly less pronounced in Women's Figure.

Womens Wellness is a newer category that promotes a healthy and fit appearance. Competitors in this division showcase a well-toned and athletic physique, with an emphasis on a curvier and more voluptuous look. The focus is on lower body development, including glutes and legs, while maintaining overall balance and symmetry.

The Womens Fitness Division combines elements of strength, athleticism, and performance. Competitors in this category demonstrate their physique through a two-minute fitness routine that includes strength moves, flexibility, and choreography. They are judged on their overall physical appearance, stage presence, and their routine.

The Womens Bikini Division is a category that aims for a fit and toned, yet softer and more approachable look. Competitors in this division have a well-maintained figure, with emphasis on a slim waist, toned muscles, and overall aesthetics. The goal is to present a balance between a lean physique and a feminine appearance.

Amature Bodybuilder Tara Kamiya

Several of the women stood out in these categories because of their physique in combination with their age. It really drove home the point that its never to late to compete if you have the desire to be on stage. Tara Kamiya novice Bikini bodybuilder hit the stage for the first time with just 6 months of training. She decided to add North Carolina Bodybuilding Competition 2023 to her resume of accomplishments. I found seeing first time competitor truly inspirational.

Age categories went as high 60+. Impressive is an understatement if I’m being honest. I’m still waiting for the OCB to post the names of other winners in the Womens Wellness Bodybuilding Competition 2023 groups and the Womens Bikini Bodybuilding Competition 2023 groups. When they do, I’ll be sure to update and tag the pictures with their names.

This was not a Youth Bodybuilding Competition so I didn’t see any of the future greats. The age range for youth bodybuilding can vary depending on the organization or competition. In general, youth bodybuilding typically refers to competitors between the ages of 13 to 18 years old. This age range is often associated with the adolescent stage, after puberty has begun. After seeing the 30 – 60+ age groups, I am excited to see a youth competition. Maybe I’ll check out a 2024 Youth Bodybuilding Competition.

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Nicole Embry
Nicole Embry
Jun 13, 2023

This was a really interesting read! Congrats to Tara Kamiya for her first amazing showing in the competition. How inspiring!

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