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Personal Trainer Kenneth Campbell standing in campbell fitness gym wearing a red muscle shirt
Personal Trainer Kenneth Campbell in the gym performing cable crossover wearing a black tank top with a red bull on it
Fitness Coach Kenneth Campbell jumping over fire at the 2021 Spartan Race finishline
Ameture Boxer Kenneth Campbell in his private gym wearing a t-shirt

Bio: Kenneth Campbell

Kenneth Campbell is the founder, lead fitness coach, and personal trainer for Campbell Fitness. Kenneth has been a part of the fitness community for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience. Originally from Jamaica Queens, NY, Kenneth relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2016. It was then that he began a profitable security business (Eli Security). In 2019 as luck would have it, Kenneth decided home security installations would have to take a back seat to his true passion for fitness. Kenneth founded Campbell Fitness just as talks of a pandemic were beginning in 2020. 


Kenneth Campbell has proven himself to be a learning machine, approaching education with the same dedication he displays during his workout sessions. During the “lock down” of 2020, he decided to challenge himself mentally. Publicly proclaiming that he would obtain 20 Certifications online within the year 2020. Not only did he accomplish his goal, he shattered it. He managed to secure 22 online certifications within the year. Some of these certifications include Public Speaking (Rochester Institute of Technology), Life Coach, Online Fitness Trainer, I.T. Network Security, Boxing Coach, and even an Ordained Minister. 


In 2022 Kenneth turned to the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a Performance Enhancement Specialist. It was at this time that he began working with local youth athletes to get them physically and mentally ready.


When asked about the future of Campbell Fitness, Kenneth simply said, “The company is growing and progressing just like the muscles we train. My “passion project” has now become a family business with the full support of my Wife and two sons. I couldn’t be happier.” 


At this time, Campbell Fitness offers workout Plans and Routines, Meal plans and Recipes, Home Gym Equipment, and Branded Activewear for men, women, and children.

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